Write a List– Things I Like

This is in response to Day 2 -Writing 101

Write your own list on one of these topics: Things I like, Things I ‘ve learned, Things I wish
Things I like
  1.  I believe in health is wealth , so like to keep myself fit by doing yoga.
  2. I like to believe that God has been very kind to bestow me whatever I have today , and would like to thank Him
  3. I like to be in the company of people who love me,like me, understand me, guide me .
  4. I like to watch the sunrise if possible , as normally I am a late riser.
  5. I like nature and its a nice feeling to be amidst nature.
  6. I like to hear the chirping of birds early in the morning.
  7. I like the sound of temple bells, church bells.
  8. I like spring and summer compared to winter.
  9. I like spending my time fruitfully.
  10. I like shopping, home decor, ethnic things attract me.
  11. I like freedom, as I believe that doing what I like is freedom , and liking what I do will give me happiness.
  12. I also like spending time alone . I value my ME TIME very very much.
  13. I like listening to good music, read a good book, pamper myself.
  14. I like teaching , but I do not like doing corrections of papers.
  15. I like doing creative things, it gives me satisfaction.
  16. I like analytical, logical, spatial thinking problems.
  17. I like writing, thats the reason why i enrolled myself here!
  18. I like it when my son or husband share their days activities, tell about their friends, dreams etc.
  19. I like people who are simple, not show offs, have no pretence and are not unpredictable.
  20. I like terracotta, bronze, brass , jute items.
  21. I like to solve puzzles, sudokus, crosswords
  22. I like to learn about alternative methods of healing, temple architecture, anything creative.
  23. I like it when people do not take me or others for granted.
  24. I like it when my son joins me in my walks, outings.
  25. I like  to be in a peaceful state of mind without tensions.
  26. I like to be appreciated by people who mean to me.
  27. I like making friends whose wavelength matches mine.

2 thoughts on “Write a List– Things I Like

  1. I am new to blogging, I am interested in reading what others are posting on blogging 101 and writing 101. Where can I access others posts? How do I know if people are reading my posts?. I have not heard anything from the ” the commons” tooalthough I did register yesterday


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