One -Word Inspiration—UNCERTAINTY

This is in response to Day 3 , Writing 101:

“One -Word Inspiration— Regret, Home, Love, Uncertainty, Secret “


This term ” Uncertainty” is definitely a heavy word.

Hope and Uncertainty go hand in hand. It starts right from the time  a child is in the mother’s womb. A feeling of uncertainty creeps in the mother’s mind if there is any sort of problem during the gestation months and at the same time hope also makes it way -“that God willing all should be fine”

Once the bundle of joy is delivered some other uncertainties crop up especially if the mother is a working woman. The next question that surfaces is “whether to take a sabbatical, continue with job or become a full time mother?” Once that issue gets sorted the next one crops up when its time for the toddler to go to school. As is normally the case- the supply is more than the demand and everyone obviously aims for admission in the best school. there again comes a time of uncertainty till the school thing is sorted out.

This way in the journey of life at different stages of life, there does come a time when one is not sure about the future, a fear somewhere resides in some corner of the mind.Yet life goes on. One tries to do what one thinks is best at that point of time. And when ones wishes are fulfilled its a nice, beautiful feeling.

Sometimes it does happen that, what one may think is best for oneself , God does not think that way, as HE has a different plan chalked out and when that happens , its a tough time. Hoping against hope one has to tread the difficult, dark path waiting anxiously to see the light ahead in the tunnel of life.

I am always reminded about the time when we come to a fork point in life. Which path to choose be it career, studies, spouse, house, relationships, relocation to another city/ country , medical issues , etc  sometime tear us apart giving stress . One then follows what ones heart/head/or others say with the cloud of uncertainty hanging over the head, leading each day with a SECRET desire that all turns out well with no REGRETS of the decisions taken , and with the LOVE , support of  family at HOME, friends, associates, we TREASURE we take each day as it comes.

Whenever I have faced UNCERTAINTY in my life . I like to remember these lines that I came across once to give me comfort

The water falls from the hills,  it never thinks it has fallen, it rises to run as an Unstoppable river. Life is not about falling. It is about rising at every fall

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