A Story in a Single Image

In response to  Day 4 on Writing 101, today’s topic ” A Story in a Single Image”- Use one of the images as the creative spark for today’s post

a) city at night  b) Map  c) Jump in mid air  d) window


My first introduction to a map was while in primary school – The map of my country. I somehow started to have more liking for the political map  than the physical map in geography. India with her many states and union territories made an impact on my young mind. I got introduced to direction north, south,west,east . In physical map I used to like looking at the map of the rivers that flow in India. I would always attempt the “marking in the map” questions first in exam and always got all the markings correct.

My next introduction to a map came while in Middle School when I started reading books like the series of “Famous Five,Secret Seven, Hardy Boys,Nancy Drew, mysteries solved by Fatty and other Enid Blyton books. It used to be thrilling and there were times when I even developed  a secret desire to be like those guys studying maps and solving mysteries.

I have even had the desire to have a map in my hand, get some clues , crack the clues , follow a trail to find a hidden treasure , cave, or to be an Archeologist !!

We have relocated to many places during my childhood  and my father would draw and show us the layout of the house into which we would be moving into while in the new city , which I  would always find interesting!!

I am in general possessed with a good sense of bearings and new roads, routes interest me. Whenever I visit a new place I try to get hold of the map of the place to know more about the place.

I associate a map with something which is new, unknown to begin with and slowly as I start to get familiar with a place, surroundings, locality, routes there is this nice picture in my mind’s eye as the exact location starts becoming clear . It is something similar to the unfolding of something from ” Unknown  to Known” and it’s really satisfying in a way!

It’s the same with life too. Sometimes the future seems scary, some decisions in life are like a leap into the dark and when the future slowly unfolds – and we find the journey comfortable we thank God for leading us, guiding us correctly in this  so-called MAP OF LIFE.

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