The Space to write

In response to Day 6 on  Writing 101;

Today, describe the space where you write. Or, if you don’t have a dedicated place, what is your ideal setting? Consider these questions to shape your post:

  • What are your writing habits?
  • What equipment or supplies do you use to write?
  • What do you need and want in a physical space?

The Space to write

On some days I get this sudden urge to key in my thoughts. And the words, sentences, ideas would  slowly start brewing in my mind waiting to become a beverage.
On such days the first casualty is cooking.
I am a person who is not fond of cooking  on a daily basis  or doing other kitchen/cleaning chores as I find them boring and a thankless job. Although my house is well maintained , neat , tidy, maybe not sparkling as that is not my priority.

On such days when I feel like donning my writing hat and I feel a spark in me , I would be engrossed in a world of my own waiting to pour my thoughts. And as soon  as I would get a chance  I  would directly start keying in on the system that is in form of a desktop
& do not like to be interrupted as I enjoy the experience – a nice feeling as my thoughts get churned and take the form of meaningful  sentences . I would be so immersed in my thoughts that I would not notice how time flies!!
I may not be very great in writing compared to many others, but I enjoy every moment as I keep with the flow and express it in words. ( something similar I am experiencing now too).  The final taste of my freshly prepared beverage would be something which I most certainly like to savor for some hours!

This is the reason why writing a blog came to my mind , and I wanted to give it a try and tap my this potential.images8XZUADI8imagesIZ1X2UEN

Good writing is supposed to evoke sensation in the reader-

not the fact that it is raining,

but the feeling of being rained upon — E. L. DOCTOROW

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