The Kindness of Strangers

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Kindness of Strangers.”

As an adult I still like the books, movies, actors, actress, cartoons.. .. things that I liked as a child or youth
Am I as childish, as youthful as before?
Or is it consistency of taste liking ? A loyalty to the things I like & people I love?

It is the same with my wrist watch too.
I lost my wrist watch a few months ago and was feeling v sad about it. Although many new models have flooded the market & it was a good excuse to buy a new one, yet I longed to have it back.

I did search for it but in vain & had given up all hopes of finding it.
There is a hawker on the road who sells tender coconuts. I would see him daily during my walk. I passed by his shop when I was searching for my watch and when I saw him , I somehow had this feeling – “no need to ask him’., as  how would he know !!” ?

After about two days , a gut feeling made me to inquire him during my walk about my lost watch . My joy knew no bounds when he said  that he had seen a wrist watch lying at a distance from his shop and also had seen someone picking it. On further inquiry he told that the person who picked it passes through this route daily.

It was a mixed feeling. Happy because he had seen someone picking a watch which matched my description of the watch and sad because how to manage to locate that person. I could not believe my ears when he volunteered to help me by asking that person the next time he sees him.  After coordination with him – I got my wrist watch back. I just could not believe it.!!!

This incident reaffirmed my faith that honest people do exist in this world today. I thank them and appreciate them for their honesty, simplicity, kindness.

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