Life is unpredictable and full of strange surprises  .What is going to come next nobody knows. Uncertainty about the future does cause anxiety  .If God makes one face such a situation ,He also brings you through it .Experiences, intution, gut feeling, faith, belief, hope,education, values etc are some factors which I guess teach ,guide us to handle unpredictable situations in the journey of life. Life is unpredictable so one has to be prepared for the best and the worst at times.

. When I realize after a few conversations with a person that he/ she is unpredictable I generally avoid getting close or informal with him/her. I find a person unpredictable when  he/she changes opinion about someone as per  his/her mood on a particular day. It could be that one day he/she is appreciating x,y,z and another day would be grumbling, cribbing, complaining about the same person just because he/she is in a foul mood.!!!!..

I am not fond of such  persons and like to maintain a distance from people having unpredictable behaviour . I sort of begin to have less interest in that person’s talks,opinions,views as they keep changing and contradicting  . Why can’t a person be consistent is what I would feel when interacting with such persons.!!!

It need not be about people’s opinion only , it could also be about  places, tastes , likes, dislikes etc. for an unpredictable behaviour person.

” Be wary of  unpredictable  people  is something I follow !!








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