Receiving a ‘greeting card’ from near and dear ones on special occasions is such a beautiful feeling. I remember as a kid my father used to receive lots and lots of greeting cards during the dawn of the new year . We as kids would look forward for the postman to deliver the cards. The landscape,scenery,floral, geometric design, hand painted figures on the cards used to be so beautiful. We would preserve the cards that we  liked and would use it for decoration in our school projects! The newspaper cuttings were black and white when compared to the colourful cards, so it was the greeting card pictures that came handy to stick in the project files.

During the college years we had a practice of exchanging greeting cards during birthdays of friends. A greeting card shop looked so attractive in those days. Spending time going through so many cards under various categories used to be such a nice feeling.I remember some months there would be so many upcoming birthdays (college and hostel friends) that more money would have to be allocated from the fixed amount that I received for my monthly expenses when I was staying in the hostel.

I would see to it that the card I chose had a good picture and also a good write up. Even stickers were bought to be stuck on the cards. It also used to be a happy feeling  when I received cards during my birthdays.I would preserve all of them carefully-  thankyou cards, birthday cards,  congratulations cards, anniversary cards ,valentine day, Good luck, to someone special cards .

When I would look at the write ups on the romantic cards in the shop , sometimes I would feel “I wish I had someone for whom I could buy or I wish I received such cards from someone special !!!”

The next stage post college was selecting cards during the courting days for my fiance. Letter writing is also something I have always enjoyed . Writing and receiving letters is a beautiful experience.

With the advancement of technology greeting cards graduated to  e-cards. Searching various sites for the appropriate e-cards,  animated cards , customizing a card was altogether a different experience.It was amazing that from the confines of the home at the click of the mouse cards were exchanged. Letter writing too became via emails.

A couple of years later SMS became the norm . The customary phone call too for wishing friends on birthdays and anniversaries took a backseat with the arrival of text messages on cell phones.

Currently whatsapp ,skype, FB have taken over. I am sure most of us would have never imagined such leaps in the advancement of technology and social media platforms.

When I pass through a greeting card section in a gift shop or card shop I do not have the same level of excitement any more. We hardly have postmen delivering mails . Its ages since I have written an informal letter with a pen on paper.

My generation has seen the changes .We have smoothly graduated from one medium to another. Our Posterity will never get to experience these small joys of life .Sometimes I wonder how my kid has never experienced the thrill of receiving a hand written letter nor has written one too . They do not know the excitement of waiting to receive cards , letters by post. The postman is something they are not very familiar with.

Maybe its something like I too never experienced the era of receiving messages through doves,pigeons and messengers !!!


3 thoughts on “ FOR  POSTERITY

  1. I remember those days too, when we read through the perfect wordings for the person we are sending those greeting cards and also the joy of receiving it. May be it is time to revive it!

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