I try to reuse the colours if possible and as I was segregating all the colours yesterday to store them back in their respective boxes it made me wonder for a moment that If they ( the colours) too had feelings how they would have felt cooped up for all these months. For were they not meant to mingle with other colours to produce a beautiful effect .!! Wasn’ t this akin to the time of the lockdowns that peaked for a few months in 2020 when it was still new to us . Did we also not feel cooped up in a cage ( homes) with our families when suddenly we stopped going out. Maybe it was forced togetherness too for many people. Is it not something so similar to these colours which are returning to their respective boxes ? When colours that go hand in hand ( good combo colours) come together they fill life to form a beautiful pattern enhancing the beauty .Isn’t it is so similar with like minded people too!!!. As thoughts were forming in my mind during my time with these colours , I decided to click a pic just in case I decide to translate my thoughts into words Well, I never thought that this colour segregation activity will actually make me key in thoughts too today!

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