Margazhyi Kolams Day17:

While drawing this Sikku kolam pattern I was reminded of the jigsaw puzzle that requires the assembly of many uneven and different shaped interlocking pieces wherein each piece has a small part of a picture on it and when all the pieces are fit together we get the complete picture . Normally, a big jigsaw puzzle takes considerable time and patience and sometimes we need to start assembling again till we get the perfect solution.

Isn’t this in some way similar to the big jigsaw puzzle game called ” Life” wherein we start building our life puzzle the moment we are born!!

Day 17: A Jigsaw puzzle Sikku Kolam

Margazhyi Kolams Day13:

As I was drawing the Sikku kolam and with my fingers moving like a wave I was reminded of the similar pattern of crests and troughs that I have drawn on the blackboard while teaching “sound waves”.

It also reminded me about the ECG graph and how the heart beats continuously till one’s s last breath.
A wave teaches us that we have to keep on moving . It falls and rises but each time it falls it never stops to rise again!!
Despite the difficulties and joys that life showers us with we too need to keep moving without giving up despite the continuous crests and troughs that we would face in our lifetime

Day 13: A Sikku Kolam

Margazhyi Kolams Day11:

Friday is normally associated with Lakshmi Devi, the Goddess of fortune, wealth, abundance, good luck and prosperity. The Padi kolam is special and is drawn to honour and invite her into the house.
The basic square pattern with 4 lines each on the perimeter is the same at the centre and the ways one keeps expanding and building it up is left to the creativity and imagination.

The patterns created in different regions of India might be different but isn’ t it interesting to know that in terms of intention and symbolic value there is a common purpose!!

Day 11: Friday Padi Kolam

Margazhyi Kolams Day10:

I once read somewhere that Surya is a God whom we actually see, feel and pray to in daily life. He is assumed to be riding a chariot driven by seven white horses and is the life giver sustaining all life on Earth .
When we do Sun salutations ( surya namaskar) the very first shloka that we recite is ” Om Mitraya Namaha” , so he is also a friend to all the flora and fauna on Earth.
Today on the” amavasya” day when some parts of the world witnessed ” solar eclipse” I have made an attempt to draw Lord Surya’ s chariot and the mat depics the the black sky .
Day 10: Chariot of Surya on Solar Eclipse Day

Margazhyi Kolams Day8:

The bell is an instrument that has a symbolic meaning in many religions. It rejuvenates the place with its pleasant sounds and creates a happy spiritual atmosphere in a temple, church or a Tibetan monastery which has prayer wheels.

Day 8: Merry Christmas

Margazhyi Kolams Day6:

There is a huge difference in drawing a kolam on paper and on the floor. . The tip of my pen glides continously on the paper to draw a smooth continuous curve and I am seated in a comfortable way. While in case of the powder it’s a different story as I have to bend and also keep refilling the powder in my hand and I am yet to master the skill to draw smooth continuous lines . Well, practice makes a man perfect and I am in no hurry.
When I see posts of amazing kolams by others, , the adult in me asks – ” Vidya, Why do you have to post on your wall ???”, and the child in me answers- ” just njoy the activity of drawing and it’s ok to post”

Day 6: A Sikku kolam

Margazhyi Kolams Day5

Sikku, meaning “knotted” and is a type of kolam done around the dots .In a “Sikku” kolam white lines curl around a dot.

As I snake around the dots with my fingers squeezing the powder on the mat I need to simultaneously concentrate on the screenshot of the pattern on my mobile screen and on the dot grid on the mat . It requires focus and speed and I seem to enjoy the twists and the turns . Isn’t this similar to the twists and turns
that we face in our life too and also feel as pleased as a punch at the final sweet outcome sometimes !!

Day 5: A simple “Sikku” Kolam