Health is wealth. This is so very true. As age advances there are so many changes in the physical body. For geriatrics the change is tremendous. And God forbid if it is coupled with an illness and complicated health issues then their immunity too gets compromised. They become so weak and frail.

It really becomes a sad situation for them. Someone who had been active throughout life have to start depending on others. Their frail body does not cooperate with them . Different people face different types of health issues and it is upto an individual how they face it.

Sometimes illness strikes even at a younger age . How hard it is for a youngster to accept the condition of a deteriorating body when they become frail and weak in the prime of their life can be seen when one visits a hospital ward.

Some people pick up through their sheer mental strength inspite of their fragile physical body and conquer the disease.

The world would be a much happier place  when everyone is blessed with a sound body and mind.

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