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Source: Transformation

Any change or variation over a period of time brings a transformation. It could be natural , man-made, physical, spiritual, emotional, geographical, cultural, social.

Nature shows us changes that happen over a period of time. The formation of smooth pebbles from sharp stones due to action of water over the ages , weathering of rocks, changing of seasons, a larvae changing into a beautiful colourful butterfly, melting of icebergs because of global warming, metamorphosis of a zygote into a baby, a bud blossoming into a flower are some examples that happen so naturally and beautifully.

Digital Transformation can be both positive or negative. Science and technology have transformed our lifestyle to such an extent that it is just unimaginable!!

Social media and internet too have transformed the whole lifestyle. I have seen thriving businesses coming to a standstill in the past decade. Services that were so much in demand went down. The mall culture wherein everything is available under one roof is responsible . So many shopkeepers had to shut shop as they started incurring losses.

Some shops that used to be famous for wooden furniture too had to shut shop with the arrival of lightweight , dismantable options that started replacing heavy and expensive wooden furniture. With online booking of railway tickets at the press of a button from the comfort of ones home the people who were earning their living as travel/ticket agents went out of demand. I have  myself gone to these travel agents when I had to buy tickets. There used to be a heavy rush in their offices.

The mobile phones have transformed our lives . A single gadget has replaced cameras, wrist watches, desktops, laptops, calendars, landline phones , calculator, television, DVD players, CD players , photo albums to name a few when it comes to material possession and even human relationships have been affected to some extent.

The current generation is very health conscious and the correct form of exercise coupled with proper nutritious  diet brings about mind blowing transformation physically which of course is easier to attain than maintaining the achieved physical transformation in the long run as sustainability is the key to take it up as a lifestyle .




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