Margazhyi Kolam 2021-22, Day 1

The Tamil month of Margazhyi commences today. The spirit of Margazhyi is incomplete without kolams and carnatic music in Tamil Nadu. The ritual of Kolam is an important feature of the culture of India, and especially so in Tamil Nadu during this month wherein many houses are decorated with elaborate kolams during the predawn hours. Kolam competitions are also held &
Margazhyi Kacheris(Classical Music Concerts) are also held in various cities.

I was drawn towards making kolam on a daily basis during the Margazhyi month of 2018. I sincerely followed it in 2019 too.
Last year my lower back did not cooperate to enable me to continue this . Also, the Covid -19 happenings around somehow did not make me feel to pick this activity last december.
Today I decided to take out my kolam mat after 2 long years. Hoping that my lower back cooperates this year & I am able to take up this kolam journey .

Day 1: Today being Pradosham, I have dedicated today’s kolam to Lord Shiva along with a lighted lamp to begin anything auspicious. Everything associated with Shiva like the crescent moon, third eye, bilva leaves, damru, Syllable Om, the vibuthi, shivalingam and temple bells are part of my depiction today. Serpent has not been drawn as I find reptiles very very scary .

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