Margazhyi Kolams Day19:

Hanuman is a fascinating real superhero God from our Hindu mythology . During my primary schooling days when we were residing in New Delhi, we would go to watch the” Ramlila ” in the play ground close to our home during Navratri time. Watching Pavanputra with monkey mask and Ravana with his 10 headed mask come alive on the stage was one of the most interesting things. Those days Amar Chitra Katha books introduced us to the mythological stories . The pictorials in the book helped the kids to visualize the characters and watching them perform on real stage added to the excitement.
Hanumanji would be the favourite of the kids as the actor would also come near the kids before the show wielding his mace up in the air and swinging his long tail to add to the thrill of the kids.

Usually Saturday is said to be special for jai Bajrang Bali .

Day 19: On a Saturday:-Depiction of Lord Anjaneya carrying the mountain

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