A peek into Navaratri celebration in a Tamil household

We Tamilians celebrate Navaratri by worshiping the three divine Goddesses, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati for three days each. The first 3 days are dedicated to Durga, the next 3 to Lakshmi and the last 3 days to Saraswati . Normally people try to chant shlokas relating to the 3 Goddess during these 9 days.

Can any festivity be devoid of yummy goodies to eat? Well , it’s also time for sundals and sweets.

One interesting feature as a part of the Navarathri is the decoration of the “Golu” which is followed by some families. Golu is a staircase having treads generally in odd numbers. Every tread is decorated with beautiful dolls and idols of gods and goddesses. Ladies invite each other home to have a look at the Golu and offer prasadam and haldi kumkum. It’s time to deck up and normally everyone looks forward to this during the evenings.

We celebrate the Saraswati Puja on the Navami day wherein all the materials / books / musical instruments/ tools relating to studies/ Arts/ other skills are kept in front of the Goddess of learning. Officially its a day when parents cant tell their kids to study .

On Dashami is the Vijayadashami when the books/ tools / instruments are taken from the puja place and one is expected to read atleast a page from the book. This day also marks the beginning of any type of learning. Small children who are supposed to join school are made to write the alphabet on rice/sand sitting on their father’s s lap. This is the ritual of ” Vidya Arambham” which means beginning of education that marks the day of initiation of formal education for every child .

I loved this pic wherein the 3 Devis seem to be mingling in a relaxed pose as if they are watching the Homo sapiens on planet Earth & feeling happy with the way the humans have dedicated the nine days to them. Every region in India has their own way of celebrating the nine days.

Finally for everyone It’s a time to break the mundane routine and celebrate life , each in their own way.

Once again Wishing everyone a very Happy Navaratri